How To Organize?

I think what I find overwhelming about all of the research I’ve done, is that there is SO much information to absorb. I can see why it would be a lot for anyone to try and understand every little bit about each type of personality.

I can imagine organizing the information into different sections. Instead of trying to explain away the whole 4 letter personality type in one sitting, I think a good way of approaching it would be to divide them up by their counterparts:

1. Introverted vs Extroverted
– how we get/recharge energy

2. Intuitive vs Sensing
– how we process data

3. Thinking vs Feeling
– how decisions are made

4. Judging vs Perceiving
– preferences that are outwardly displayed

Looking at the different aspects split up this way makes the information much easier to digest. This would also help me to construct a mind map/flowchart of sorts as a kind of self directing test to get an idea of what type of personality a person may be, as an alternative to taking an actual test. The reasoning for this is that I personally get overwhelmed by questions on a personality test and I want to simplify the process of getting a rough idea of what type of personality a person may be.